August 22, 2014

Governor Teachout ??

Personally I have not made up my mind as yet about who I will vote for in the Governor's race for NYS.  (Of course that certainly does not include Mr Astorino, who appalls me beyond reproach!)  My heart and mind tend to be in two different places with regards to voting for Gov Cuomo.  So in all fairness I believe Zephyr Teachout deserves to thorough look.   We cannot go into major shale gas industrialization in NY (to "be like Texas")  and continue to live in a healthy, sustainable environment  and economy.  NY is not the doom and gloom Mr Astorino portrays.  We are moving in the right direction of solid sustainable growth and development without destructive shale gas drilling.

Zephyr seems to be the one addressing this issue squarely on the head.  She is worth reading about and deserves a serious look.  Gov Cuomo - you need to be publicly affirmative on which direction you stand.  No more painful silence .... "waiting for the science".  

August 11, 2014

DEC Proposal for Storage Regulations

DEC Proposes Updates to Petroleum, Used Oil and Chemical Storage Regulations - A New NYSDEC Press Release

DEC Proposes Updates to Petroleum, Used Oil and Chemical Storage Regulations

Public Comment Period on Proposed Changes to Run Through November 4, 2014

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has proposed changes to update and consolidate Petroleum Bulk Storage (PBS) and Chemical Bulk Storage (CBS) regulations, DEC Commissioner Joe Martens announced today. The proposed changes would clarify existing requirements and should therefore make it easier for those who store bulk amounts of petroleum or hazardous substances/chemicals in tank systems to comply with equipment and handling standards needed to prevent contamination of soil, groundwater, surface water and public water supplies.  ...

July 17, 2014

Industrialize? Finger Lakes Rally July 14

Citizens from Schuyler County and many areas around the Finger Lakes region traveled to Watkins Glen July 14 to again oppose the Crestwood project for storing liquid propane gas in the salt caverns around and under Seneca Lake.  The county resolution, passed in June, leaves serious questions regarding the true representation of the people of the county as well as specific questions regarding the conflict of interests of Mr Fagan and the legality of the June meeting procedures.

Many of the accounts about the rally on July 14 missed the full story of the activities on that day.  There were close to 500 people attending (inside and outside) .... not just a couple of hundred as reported in a few articles.  The rally was informative and unifying.   By the end of the long evening and again a 5-3 vote to keep the Crestwood project resolution in tact, the large crowd was upset ...but determined as ever to continue this cause. 

Click on the video for more of the full evening's rally.

Making the beautiful, productive agricultural and tourist regions of Seneca Lake and the Finger Lakes into an industrialized hub for the transportation and storage of liquid propane gas is beyond reasonable intelligent thought!

The conflict, in all of it's many levels, is not an issue that concerns just Watkins Glen and Seneca Lake.  Everyone in NYS has a stake in the outcome of Gov Cuomo's and the DEC's decision on this project

When it comes down to it - the citizen voice has power.  So does our vote.  NY State is not the place for HVHF for shale gas and definitely not a state suited to pipelines, compressors, massive trucking, train loads of crude oil tanker cars and storage of LPG.  These seem like separate, piecemeal issues yet they are not.  New Yorkers have a choice to either continue a destructive path of the fossil fuel corporate giants or move forward with research and development of alternative, safe energy sources.   Be sure to ask every town, county and state representative their views on this issue so you will be properly informed to vote this November.  Use your power.

July 11, 2014

NY is One State - Save Seneca Lake

Over the years of opposing the industrialization of NY State by the gas industry, one point has become perfectly clear:  NY is One State - there can be NO Sacrifice Zones.  What happens in one part of our state affects all parts of our state and every citizen.

While we have been successful to date in keeping HVHF drilling at bay, the push to make NY a HUB of the eastern region for gas storage and distribution routes continues to push hard.  This is harder for the average citizen to see as the web is complex and widespread...
except in the case of the gas storage facility at Seneca Lake 
by the Houston TX based company Crestwood.

Gas Free Seneca has been working diligently to educate citizens and stop this industrialization of the lake region. Please visit their website for an in-depth look at what is at stake!   Salt caverns have failed terribly as storage facilities in the past.  One's review of the events at Bayou Corne LA is lesson enough not to incorporate industrialized gas storage in such fragile earth caverns.  

Any damage to the salt caverns by fresh water from the lake or earth movement shifts, aka earthquakes like the one in Sept 2013,  could be catastrophic for NY State! 

Read the full review of Crestwood's Plan/Gas Free Seneca
 In 2013 Inergy LP merged with Crestwood Midstream of Houston, Texas.  Crestwood  still proposes to re-purpose 50 and 60 year old abandoned salt caverns for liquefied propane and butane storage, as well as expansion of existing natural gas storage by Crestwood subsidiary Arlington Gas Storage. These unlined salt caverns were never engineered or designed for this purpose. The geology is highly questionable.
On Monday July 14 join in the rally at Watkins Glen to show the strong opposition to this plan. (see Events Page)

Call Gov Cuomo's office and voice your concerns.  

Contact your representatives in NYS Legislature and Senate expressing your opposition.  

Whether you live along Seneca Lake or Rochester or Buffalo or the eastern border of NY - YOU have a stake in this proposal.


July 07, 2014

Understanding Methane Leaks

Understanding the science behind carbon emissions and methane emissions and their respective effects on climate change can be a daunting  study.  A very detailed yet easy to read report has just been released on Chemical & Engineering News

Methane’s Role In Climate Change 

Whether natural gas is a savior or destroyer of climate depends on how much is leaking into the atmosphere
"Because of methane’s global warming potential, leakage of methane to the atmosphere makes this “bridge” a fallacy, several scientists say. They note that the current natural gas glut—and subsequent low prices—means there is little monetary incentive to stanch methane leaks."   ...
"A growing body of literature supports the view that methane emissions are higher than levels reported by industry and EPA. "
Excellent report.  It puts good perspective on the extremely difficult situations we face today and the needed urgency of correct action.

June 30, 2014

Best News for NY Right to Ban Fracking

Simply put Read This: Dryden: The Town That Changed The Fracking Game
 “This decision by the Court of Appeals has settled the matter once and for all across New York State and has sent a firm message to the oil and gas industry,” said Earthjustice Managing Attorney Deborah Goldberg. “For too long the oil and gas industry has intimidated and abused people, expecting to get away with it. That behavior is finally coming back to haunt them, as communities across the country stand up and say ‘no more.’ Earthjustice is proud to have stood with, and fought on behalf of, one such community.”

A very big thank you to all those who worked so hard and so long on this landmark case!  This western NY resident is breathing one big sigh of relief today.  Breathe....and then onward we go to end the dependency on dirty fossil fuel needs and move this world to green, sustainable energy resources!

June 13, 2014

Cheasapeake ....again.

Several articles have been posted on this blog regarding the questionable dealings of Chesapeake Energy.  It never ceases to provide a good reading source of business intrigue and walking the fine line of corporate corruption.    Judging from the continuous onslaught of legal cases against the company, it seems the line often gets crossed.  From the very beginning, this corporate giant has been built on a house of cards!

Huffington Post and The Beast co published an investigative report in Mar 2014 that delves deep into the current saga of how Chesapeake has devised a distribution financial web to keep the company alive at the expense of lease owners and the US Government : On Brink Of Collapse, Fracking Giant Chesapeake Energy Slashed Royalties To Property Owners 

Get yourself a cup of coffee and sit down to read it!  The more we learn about the truly destructive nature of fossil fuel energy production and the shady operations of corporate giants, the quicker we will move to sustainable renewable energy sources and a growing economy.  The shell game must end.