December 27, 2011

From DEc 12 Waste Water Hearing, Canandaigua

This was a very interesting Public hearing to listen to all the different kinds of testimony.  I left there thinking two major points.

1.  Recycling waste is a concept that sounds so good at first.  Then you have to understand that the toxic chemicals do not "wonderfully go away" through this science.  They are separated from the water so that it can be reused - at the wells.  Then the REMAINING toxic waste (in a much more concentrated form) can be stored, somewhere, somehow - forever and ever.  Did you want to volunteer your neighborhood for deep injection wells? 

2. Who has made the decision that it is OK to turn our precious clean fresh water into a toxic sludge mix in the first place?  Whose water is being used up first?  Who is deciding who wins and who loses?  How much time do we really have - millions of gallons of fresh water to get used per well per frack.

 How do we explain this:  some must benefit and some must suffer.  Will it  become "The Talk" parents have to give their children for generations to come?

Give yourself 15 minutes and listen to this very interesting testimony from Walter Hang.  The full text is also available on the Toxics Targeting website.  Even though some parts are quite technical, you will be surprised to learn of practices that take place NOW and much more that needs to be regulated before we totally contaminate ourselves!

Thank you Senator Grisanti for providing an enlightening day.  I am committed even more deeply:  Ban all fracking!  Back to the drawing board for a better drilling technology!

PRESENTED BY SENATOR MARK GRISANTI, Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation

To Examine Waste Water Produced from Hydraulic Fracturing

Monday, 12/12/11, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
The Inn on the Lake, 770 South Main Street, Canandaigua, NY 14424
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