December 30, 2011

From Walter Hang on Jan 4 Event

The following is the email just received from Walter Hang, Pres. Toxics Targeting, regarding the coming Jan 4 event in Albany.   If you know of folks who have not signed the Coalition letter yet, please send them a link!

If you are going to Albany on the 4th, I salute you!
The Coalition Letter which requests that Governor Cuomo Immediately Withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS NOW HAS MORE THAN 20,900 SIGNATORIES!!!  Thanks so much for your support.  Keep beating the bushes for signatories, especially government officials, businesses and farmers.

I urge each and every one of you to attend a rally before Governor Cuomo's State of the State address on 1-4-12.  I just had a very useful conversation with the officer who was so helpful when we visited the Capitol on 3/23/11.  They are expecting us and strongly support our free speech rights.

If at all possible, please gather by 10:30 AM on the Concourse outside of the entrance to the
Empire State Plaza Convention Center
There could be a very large crowd, we need to stake out prime turf to get our message across.  Bring signs and banners.

No one will be allowed into the Convention Center for the 1:30 PM speech without an invitation.  You can register for a lottery for tickets to attend the event.  Register Immediately at:

If you wish, you can also attend a meet and greet in the Governor's Mansion on January 1st.  Please be respectful.  You can register for a lottery for tickets.  See:

It is imperative that everyone echo two key messages:

a)  Request that Governor Cuomo immediately withdraw the Revised Draft SGEIS because it suffers from at least 17 major shortcomings documented in the Coalition Letter and must be sent back to the drawing board for yet another do-over in order to fulfill the requirements of Executive Order No. 41; and

b)  Request that the Governor maintain New York's de facto moratorium on Marcellus Shale horizontal hydrofracturing until there is a consensus among all local, state and federal authorities as well as all potentially impacted parties that the 17 major shortcomings documented in the Coalition Letter have been fully resolved.
Walter Hang

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