December 27, 2011

A Most Important Topic: Fracking

The most important topic facing NY state and the rest of our country ... and countries around the world is the increasing use of a gas drilling technology known as high volume hydraulic fracturing - or fracking.  As a caring concerned citizen and a grandmother thinking of generations to come I have come to just one opinion about this technology:  No Fracking Way!

Am I opposed to exploration and the mining of natural gas? No.  But in a brief summary of words:  just because a technology is developed, does not mean it is a wise path to follow.  When health and life are put at risk for the sake of creating an industry, I say no.  When some are set to reap huge financial rewards on the backs of others who will lose much, I say no.  When citizens are robbed of their human right of a healthy clean environment with fresh water for the sake of an industry, I say no.

I'll be sharing as much information as I can about current fracking news for NY statePlease use the links provided on the side bar as well.

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