December 29, 2011

A Question of Home Rule

As we become more deeply involved in the fight over whether or not to allow high volume hydraulic fracturing to take place in New York State, we are reaching another level of concern.  What legal right does a community have to determine what activities and industry occurs within it's borders.  Do towns have the autonomy of Home Rule rights?  As Brighton did in Monroe Country, many townships across our state have already passed bans or moratoriums on fracking.  Some are already in court with the natural gas industry giants. 

For more consideration on this concept please read this article from the Gotham Gazette: Will Community Bans on Hydrofracking Hold Up?

It is a bit hard to swallow that even though our region is against having a particular toxic industry in our area we could still be forced to accept it!  The scientific evidence is out there: high volume hydraulic fracturing destroys environments and economies.  It is toxic. It favors the corporate profit seekers at the expense of regional communities.  It is a boom & bust industry totally free from federal government regulation of the Clean Air and Water Acts. 

There are many levels to consider.  Your future depends on YOU becoming involved!

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