January 24, 2012

Democracy is Alive in NY

January 23 was an amazing day at the Legislature Building in Albany NY.  Over 600 citizens from all over New York State registered for informational meetings with legislators and senators.  In addition there were several more hundred who came to show their support for our cause: Ban Fracking in NY.  I'm including just one peek of the day - much more to follow:

Perhaps the strongest point of the day for me was this:  We CAN do this:  Strop the destruction of our lands, natural resources and health before it starts!  High volume hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking, is NOT the sane technology to use in our state or any place else on earth. France knows this.   Bulgaria knows this.  Other states in the US are learning this the hard way.  We are "getting it" too.  Become involved.  Become educated.  Share your views - especially with our state representatives!

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