January 31, 2012

Local? State? Federal? Scrambled Eggs

For months, as I research more and more about the technical travesty of hydraulic fracturing and toxic contaminations, I really thought the Federal government was going to be the safe guard for my state.  After visiting Albany and then the SOTU speech I now feel that perhaps our state is the only safeguard.

Right now in NY in the town of LeRoy they are desperately exploring the cause of the 12 girls breakout Tourette like disorders.  New to light is a 40 yr ago train wreck with massive chemical spill contamination to the earth.  Having worked in the area for a long time, I don't think this is rocket science ... but that's not my reason for bringing up this topic.

Here is the question:  Just how much chemical contamination can a body of land, water, and human being tolerate before the cap blows?  How in God's green earth can we accept any level of contamination as acceptable knowing that layer upon layer of sources of contamination build up in our environment.  The fracking accidents  are well documented.  Knowing full well that communities do not live in an isolated bubble, we are bombarded daily with toxic pollutants.

It all comes down to one basic need:  local action is imperative now. Towns must be bold to say: Stop - Is this really good for our citizens, our future?  Regardless of the slick, happy ads by the super wealthy energy corporations, I am willing to wait for a better technology of obtaining natural gas or developing green energy resources than to risk poisoning the earth any more.  We've got no where else to live.

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