January 02, 2012

NY State Water Uses

There are a rush of questions in my mind that keeps flowing like the image of Niagara Falls running over the cliffs:  Where will all the water come from if fracking moves forward in our state?  Who gets first claim on fresh water in our state - industry or citizens who live here?  How can NY State DEC and government officials GUARANTEE me that I will have fresh water to live on? 

I went to the NY DEC website to look at Water Use in New York.  The very first statement that struck me hard is line 1: 
More than 15 billlion gallons of water are withdrawn each day from the lakes, rivers, streams, estuaries and groundwaters of New York State for uses that include domestic consumption, industrial use, irrigation and livestock watering, mining and thermoelectric power generation.
Now, take into account that high volume hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking, requires millions of gallons of fresh clean water per well per frack.  
from Water Defense.org: Fracking
Hydraulic fracturing uses enormous quantities of fresh water, which gas companies take from nearby streams, ponds, and rivers, or truck in if there is no immediate water source.  Every time a gas well is fracked, 4 to 9 million gallons of water are injected into the ground.  A single well can be fracked up to 12 separate times, adding up to over 100 million gallons of freshwater used in the lifetime of a well.  In the Delaware River Basin in New York and Pennsylvania, the gas industry estimates that it will use over 10 billion gallons of water over the next ten years—which they plan to withdraw from the same sources that the public depends on for drinking water.
Multiply this by the thousands of wells proposed for mining that is estimated to last about 30 years in NY.

Are you thinking now?  Can you see the Niagara Falls image?
Perhaps this is a very good time to share the information and let your legislators, Governor Cuomo, and President Obama know:  Stop Fracking Now!  Over 19 million people in households across NY State alone will be thankful you did because we will continue to have enough fresh water - guaranteed - to live.


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