February 29, 2012

Can't Forget the Water

   With all the information that is coming to light about chemicals, pollution, hazards, etc there remains one gut wrenching question in my mind screaming over and over again:  Where is all that fresh water for drilling going to come from?  We are not hearing nearly enough from the power brokers of this battle with regards to water use and sources.
Is it right for one entity to go into an area and just take the fresh water?
Can a municipality sell off the region's fresh water supply?
When the clean water is depleted from a region, then what?

   There is another informational meeting coming next week that will address the topic of water in the HVHF debate with regard to one region. It will be well worth listening to the conversations!

Exporting Water from the Conhocton and Chemung River Acquifers:
Is it Sustainable?  Is It Legal?  What Can We Do about It?

A forum on issues raised by recent plans for local municipalities to sell water from municipal water supplies for gas drilling in Pennsylvania  will be held: 
March 7, 2012   at 7:00 pm
Bath Fire Hall
50 East Morris Street, Bath, NY

Jean Wosinski, a geologist from Corning, will address the geology of our local water sources and whether they can sustain large water exports
Rachel Treichler, an attorney from Hammondsport will address legal issues presented by municipalities exporting water
Virginia Rasmussen, a member of the Alfred Village Board and a principal with the Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy, will speak about local laws municipalities can adopt to protect aquifers  
The program will conclude with an open question and answer period.  The program is sponsored by the  Bath Peace and Justice Group. Waldo Babcock from Prattsburgh, a member of BPJ, will moderate the program.
The program is free and open to the public

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