February 08, 2012

For our PA Friends: Fight for Home Rule

Money talks and not always the truth.  Once again the oil and gas industry is seeking to be exempt from all local rule in  the state of Pennsylvania.  This is a deliberate attempt make fracking all within their control regardless of what local communities desire.  It is a scathing attempt to abolish home rule rights for the citizens of PA with regard to the future industrialization of their land.

Please review this page from Change.org .  If you are a resident of PA, I strongly urge you to sign immediately!  And for those of us here in NY - become aware. 

NY has two bills registered in the legislative system in NY to specially address the right of home rule for the citizens of NY.  Write to your state representatives as ask them to support and co-sponsor A. 8557/ A.3245 (Lifton)  and S 5830 (Seward) so that local governments retain the right to enact and enforce zoning laws of general applicability with respect to land use within their jurisdiction when confronted with the negative impacts from oil and gas development.  Your representative needs to hear from you that these are extremely important legal rights for citizens.  The lobby/money/pressure from the oil and gas industry should not be underestimated on the topic of home rule!  Without our town rights, we will become subservient.

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