February 25, 2012

Home Rule Protects Us in NY

   Today's my birthday and I got a great present in my emails this morning:  this week two towns, Dryden NY and Middlefield NY,  have won their respective court case lawsuit acknowledging their right to Home Rule and upholding the town's ban on fracking. 
   What does Home Rule mean?  It defines the right of a town to establish and regulate land use for the protection of the community and it's citizens.   Home Rule is the cornerstone of basic rights of NY State citizens and allows towns to protect their environment, clean waters and clean air based on the community's zoning and land use laws.  Such laws are developed within the specific town's interests by its elected and appointed officials.
   The gas industry is trying to claim that they have the right to operate and develop natural gas drilling in whatever manner they deem viable (aka profitable) anywhere there are natural gas deposits.  Despite known risks, citizens of the region are expected to just accept it.  Well, not so fast.
   Today's news is good, but we are a far cry from protecting our beautiful state from this travesty of industry.  Much more work needs to be done.  Many more people need to learn what HVHF / fracking really entails.
   Take a moment and sign on to the petition supporting Seward Home Rule Bill S5830.  Write to your regions representatives.  Encourage your town supervisor.  Become involved in whatever way you can.  Continue sharing the truth about the dirty side of  HVHF gas drilling.  I'll consider it a great favor on my birthday and thank you for speaking up!

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