February 13, 2012


In January at the Albany NY lobby day we demonstrated our opposition to a high volume fracking gas industry coming into NY.   Josh Fox made a wise statement that it is time for all the activist organizations to come together under an umbrella.  There is strength in unity - it is the natural move to the next generation of this grassroots movement. 

Through Josh's continued commitment, a unified umbrella has been created!

NYSAFE:  New Yorkers for Sustainable Agriculture & Frack-free Energy
The following email was sent to Gasland's Blog subscribers.  There is a link provided at the end where you can sign up on this initiative!  And please note the full scope of these intentions:  We are starting in NY State, but the goal is to develop such a network nationally.  Fracking is not a state issue - it is a national issue and a global tragedy in the making.  I've already signed in, I hope you will share and join too.  Our generations to come will thank you for your work.

Josh Fox's Email:
In the spirit of simplicity I am asking you all to sign on to two points that I think we can all agree upon as founding principles of the network:

1.      We are against Hydraulic Fracturing in New York state.    Period.

2.     We are in support of developing an New York state economy based on sustainability and renewable energy.

That's it. You just have to agree with the two above statements to sign on. Of course, some of you may want to elaborate on these points. And you should! But for the sake of having a big tent and having as many people join as possible, I think for now, let's just keep it simple.

I have outlined a few objectives of this Network:

1.    Strategic planning and coordination. Let's build bigger and bigger rallies and events and coordinate between groups so that our numbers grow and every group is informed and invited to upcoming events.

2.    Media and advertising support. The network will coordinate the creation media pieces, short films, advertisements and radio spots that can be tailored to individual regions. Network members will be provided with high-quality pieces of advocacy media tailored to specific regional needs.

3.    Information and news.  The network will provide the latest info on fracking and the latest developments on renewable energy planning and development opportunities.

4.    Movement census.  Let's stand and be counted. How many of us are there? How many people do we truly represent? Can we find out the depth and breadth of the movement?

5.    Resources/fundraising. The network will develop ways to help individual groups find the resources they need.

6.     No sacrifice zones.  Many of us are worried that areas with less organization and fewer numbers will be carved out for drilling. The network is committed to making sure that there are no drilling "sacrifice zones" anywhere in New York state. If we build unity we can prevent drilling everywhere in New York.

7.     A seat at the table for the grassroots.   The network will create a formidable named presence for the true grassroots in New York. When the the state develops fracking advisory panels or other types of inquiry, we will strive to make sure that the network is represented.

Those are just for starters. We can add to them as we go along.

Of course, because there is such brilliant diversity of opinion within the New York fractivist universe, I think it is also important to define what the network will not do.

We will not:

1)   Try to determine or coerce any individual group towards a position.   Each individual organization joining is encouraged to keep their own policies, provided that they agree with the two above statements. Each group's position is unique and needs to be determined 100% by it's membership.

2)   Ask individual groups for money.   The network exists to provide resources to grassroots groups, not drain them. The network will not

3)   Compromise or cave in to the gas industry or to politicians willing to sell out certain sections of New York State.

We will immediately develop:

1)   A website featuring member organizations contact info and news.

2)   A calendar of events.

3)   A series of coordination and planning working break-out groups that the leaders of individual grassroots groups can join to create actions.

And one longer term objective:

1) To create networks in other states eventually building a nationwide and then international network.


NYSAFE  New Yorkers for Sustainable Agriculture & Frack-free Energy

Let's keep New York SAFE.   Please sign on. It is our time now to come together.
To Sign on to NYSAFE, Click Here Together we CAN do this!

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