February 06, 2012

Take This Turn

Received some exciting news today from the Environmental Advocates of NY newsletter!  This is definitely where we should be investing our monies for our state and nation: 
the New York Energy and Research Development Authority issued a 500-page study recommending that New York State invest in solar power as part of a “sound and balanced renewable energy portfolio.” The New York Solar Study shows that the Empire State should move quickly and advance an aggressive investment in solar power by the end of this Legislative Session
 Investing in renewable, green, non toxic energy solutions for our state and country is the only path that makes any sense for our future.  Our children and grandchildren cannot live in a toxic dump so we best not be building them!  While we focus on banning fracking, we must also positively promote renewable sources of energy.  Let your government representative (see link on side bar) know that you want a future energy solution that is healthy and viable or all generations.

Another important happening has occurred with regard to public broadcasting.  Finally .... the Ed Show at MSNBC has picked up the story!  Josh Fox has been on two recent shows and Ed is continuing the story.  I am so ecstatic to see this for two reasons 1) I've been tweeting Ed (and others) for several weeks to pick up this story and 2) this is national TV coverage!   If you'd like to see more of the coverage, I'd like to suggest you tweet @edshow and thank him for following the fracking issue!    And while you're at it, send the same tweet to other popular news/commentary shows you watch. ;)    

Click Here for the Friday Ed Show with Josh Fox

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