March 07, 2012


   It's been a while since I viewed Josh Fox's Gasland movie and HBO carried it tonight so I decided to view it again.  Every time I watch this film, I feel numb for quite some time!  Then... totally re-committed to the work that is happening in our state, around the nation and the world! 
   Anyone who still insists that we can somehow "safely regulate" fracking is an outright lier.  What I often hear are statements about "disclosure" of the chemicals used.  Yes, we need to know but NO we don't need to put them into our environment.    Are you ready to have your town filled with endless trucking?  Are you ready for pipelines and generators and storage tanks?  Do you really believe that what goes into the earth stays in one locale in the earth?  How's your water taste today - do you believe a government regulation can always protect it?
   If you haven't seen the film in a while, I strongly suggest you view it again.  It is powerful.  Like a good book, each viewing will take you one level deeper into the seriousness of the fracking debate.  There literally is no time to waste.

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