March 05, 2012

Who's Land Are We On?

There is a dirty secret behind the "clean fuel natural gas drilling" debate that is finally getting more exposure:
Natural gas drilling development isn't really about energy ~ 
it's about land leases for sale!

   I first reported on the topic on this blog on Jan 3: Who Will Own NY?    Chesapeake Energy Corp is the major land owner of the natural gas industry.  What they are doing is bundling up the land leases and selling the leases to other parties ... all over the world!  Yep!  If you leased out your land, just like the mortgage backed securities banking mess we just went through, your lease may no longer be with Chesapeake but some foreign country company instead. 
   A new article posted on March 1 by Jeff Goodell in Rolling is very long and VERY important to read.  You might want to print it out for in-depth study.  Mr Goodell did an outstanding job and his work is to be applauded for bringing this issue to light.
   Think this through is a nutshell:  the talk is about saving America's energy crisis.  The reality is about another corporate method of acquiring ownership for the succinct purpose of building corporate wealth.  Of course there is some end result product production involved - no one will deny that.  But at the expense of our land rights, our town rights, the local citizenry risks of pollution and contamination, the destruction of natural beauty in our state, is this the foundation on which we want to build our future?  Another pyramid type scheme??

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