April 17, 2012

Rochester NY Sierra Club Forum April 19

14th Annual Environmental Forum Our Water’s Fragile Future: Hydrofracking, Climate Change, & Privatization

Canadice Lake
(photo: Canadice Lake by former Chairperson Ray Nelson)
  • Where will all the water for fracking come from?
  • What’s happening to Great Lake levels?
  • Will our children have the same access to clean water that we do?
  • We welcome Jim Olson, the environmental attorney who helped citizens in Michigan win a battle against Nestle’s bottling operation. Jim will share his expertise on protecting fresh water for the “common good” and how it pertains to our Great Lakes and Finger Lakes.
Water! Our fresh water! Here in upstate New York, clean potable water is one of the most abundant and important of our resources. We live in the Great Lakes Basin, on the shore of bountiful Lake Ontario and near the beautiful Finger Lakes. We use these lakes as sources of drinking water and are fortunate to be able to do so. But along with the rest of the world, we may soon face challenges that end easy access to abundant fresh water for all.  
For more information and details of this informative event visit the Sierra Club website at: 

4/20: Event Post Script:  
The forum was well attended and a boat-load of great information from many organizations around our Rochester region.  I have to report that the most profound "new" idea I personally came away with is two fold:
  • The Great Lakes Basin belongs to the public trust by design and compact 
  • A slow erosion of this compact is not to be taken lightly or even allowed to dribble forward!
The continued effort to ban fracking in NY State and in our country is crucial to the protection of our very most precious and rare entity:  The Great Lakes!  If you would like more information about the Compact, see: Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact Implementation

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