May 03, 2012

Current Headlines: Faring Gas / Executive Order

There is an abundance of news breaking daily about the dangers and fallacy of natural gas drilling via HVHF, aka fracking.  The issue is so complex and layered it is almost like a hurricane to keep up with all the adverse affects of this technology!  Any policy that is not created with full research and safety concerns for life on earth is an abomination to all living creatures.   Fracking is not just about drilling the hole for gas, and it's not just a state's issue nor an American issue.

Reuters just published another excellent article on the serious polluting process of flaring - burning off "excess" gas during the drilling process: Exclusive: Shale causes rise in waste gas pollution   The earth does not recognize international boundaries and freely moves any particle anywhere around the globe it pleases.  So considering what is happening in neighboring states, countries and continents is crucial when dealing with such drastic technological advancements.  Natural gas drilling operations in Europe can be just as devastating as fracking on your neighbor's farmland!

While you are on the Reuters page, there is another headline link to read:  Obama streamlines oversight of shale gas  Based on his State of the Union address and his continued path to develop natural gas drilling on public and private lands, I would urge you to WRITE to President Obama today (and frequently) pointing out the fallacy of this path.  One particular line at the end of the article stops me cold:    
Also pending is a decision from the Energy Department, which is considering seven applications to export natural gas, from companies including Southern, BG and Sempra. Its study on exporting the fuel is expected later this summer.
So the reason we have to pollute our earth and poison our citizens is to boost American economy?? or increase revenue from exporting the fuel???

No Fracking Way!

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