May 17, 2012

Senate Bill S4220 Ban Fracking Bill in NY

The wording is pretty straight forward because the principal behind Senate Bill 4220B is pretty clear:  Ban hydraulic fracturing [aka fracking] in New York State.  The following is a from the last paragraph of the bill:
The risk of catastrophic danger to the environment, especially the
state's drinking water supplies, as a result hydraulic fracturing far
outweighs the potential for job creation and promotion of a natural
gas alternative to oil. Therefore, the both the practice of hydraulic
fracturing and the disposal and/or processing of hydrofracking fluids
and drill cuttings should be banned throughout New York State.
This bill remains under the Environmental Conservation Committee however and has not reached the Senate floor for a vote.  There are only a few weeks left in this legislative session.  NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT.  Please take a minute and write to your state senator (see side bar link for contact links) and ask him/her to support and vote YES to pass Senate Bill 4220B  

Then write to Sen. Grisanti, Chair of the NY State Environmental Conservation Committee, and ask him to move S4220B forward so that the people of NY can have a vote on this most important bill. Sen Grisanti announced a package of legislative bills on April 4 with the intention to safeguard the environment with regards to hydrofracking.  
S6893: Prohibit public owned treatment works from accepting wastewater associated with the exploration, delineation, development, or production of natural gas
S6895 Prohibit the use of wastewater for road- and land-spreading
S6892 Create an Oil and Gas Waste Tracking Program that is stronger than the tracking program proposed under the draft SGEIS
S6891 Strengthen the notification requirements for unauthorized wastewater discharges
S6894 Create a geographic information system to provide information to the public concerning gas and oil production
These are important considerations, but they are merely bandaids on an industrial giant set to destroy our state.  The total ban of fracking will accomplish every goal above.  A total ban on fracking is the only path for a healthy state's future.  Safe renewable green energy will be much less costly and provide long term growth while maintaining a healthy, beautiful New York.

Take Action!

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