May 09, 2012

Urgent: Stop Fracking by Red Hawk Elementary School

Just received from Food and Water Watch - your urgent action is requested!

Tell Encana's President: Keep Your Fracking Away From Our Schools!

Mothers in the community of Erie, Colorado, are working desperately to stop a giant oil and gas company from fracking next to their kids' elementary school. They've asked Encana, a giant oil and gas company, to abandon this one well and protect their children, but the company refuses.
Fracking is associated with increased truck traffic, dangerous chemicals as well as air and water contamination. It’s hard to believe Encana would even consider fracking near an elementary school – worse, its hard to believe that regulatory systems in Colorado have failed to prevent this from happening. And yet, Encana has gone through all of the proper channels and has the green light to start fracking on May 26th. 

I just finished a letter to President Obama as well.  This is not the way he promised to provide for the safety of citizens as he develops energy policies from "all of the above".    If the families of Colorado can be so threatened and endangered by their state's legal processes, what family in this country will be safe?

Please stand with the families of Erie Colorado and write today!

Post Script:  At the May 15 rally in NY we heard directly from a group of families in Erie County Colorado.  There are over 1400 wells in that region!  Drilling near to a school is unconscionable!  The true face of the natural gas industry is very clear:  profit, profit, profit and bedamned the consequences!

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