June 26, 2012

All is Not Golden

What is happening in Pennsylvania and Ohio this year with natural gas drilling should be watched closely - extremely closely - by all New York residents on any side of the fracking issues.  Lobbyists, commercials, Tom Corbett will tell you that PA is in a great boom and that's good for the state.  Ohio Republican House Speaker Boehner will tell you that its jobs jobs jobs and good for Americans. 

Recently I discovered StateImpact.npr.org and have linked it to this blog (side bar).  Everything we are looking at in NY regarding the debate to allow fracking or not, has already been and currently is in the mill in PA and Ohio:  the boom ~ the bust ~ the industrialization ~ the waste problems ~ the methane ~ the water.   These are but a few of the topics covered recently by StateImpact on Pennsylvania:
The reports from Scott Detrow and Susan Phillips cover many avenues of the complex issues.  To read and be aware of what we can potentially face in NY is critical at this time.  Governor Cuomo made a comment that now was a good time for decisions to be made BECAUSE the state legislature was no longer in session.  We did not get a ban passed.  We did not get the legal protection that ALL New York residents deserve.  Understand what is happening to our neighbors in Pennsylvania and Ohio and you will shutter in your boots.

Tell Gov Cuomo again: No fracking in NY State.  Write a letter today!
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