June 13, 2012

Gov Cuomo is Wrong!

I am livid!  Gov Cuomo will play God with our children and our future:  Some regions will probably be fracked, some regions won't.   NY Times:  Hydrofracking Under Cuomo Plan

Permitting only 50 wells = 2-4million gallons (low range) of fresh water per well per frack to become used up and toxic

If we are doing this because some land owners need economic support, I say our government can figure out a better way to aid these citizens than poisoning the rest of the region!  Grow our economy for a safe and solid future.

There is no such thing as "safe fracking" and the industry knows it.  We talk about safety like there is one board room overseeing the whole activity.  Well that's not true.  There are so many variables and nuances where "an accident" can happen it boggles the mind.

If you have not been active yet to protect our future in NY State, today is a good day to start!
Call Gov Cuomo's office @ (518) 474-8390

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