June 04, 2012

The Human Fight: Help Riverdale PA Community

So much has been researched and written into report form about the science, chemistry, physics & logistics and legalities of the gas drilling fracking controversy.   There are also too many human stories about real people who are already deeply suffering from the practices of the gas industry.  Dimock PA is one nearby region that has received attention.  Riverdale, along the Susquehanna River is yet another.

The following video series tells part of the story of the mobile home residential community known as Riverdale.  In order to pump millions of gallons of water out of the river, Aqua America purchased the land the community sits on in order to build a pumping station.  After the land sale was finished, residents began to find out they had to move within a very very short period of time. This is a nightmare no one every wants to face!

I'm sharing the Riverdale story here so that more people can lend support through their website.  This is the tragic side of fracking and we don't have to live this way.  We can do better.

The citizens are asking for help!  This page will lead you to links for directions and their specific needs.    Generally speaking, Riverdale is almost due south of Rochester NY across the PA border and just west of Williamsport.

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