June 18, 2012

No Demand = No Reason

Despite high production and low gas prices, the natural gas industry still tells us that it is necessary to drill in NY State.  That's downright conflicting.  In Chesapeake to renegotiate 4,400 NY gas leases of Pennlive.com it states:
"Shale gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale region, which underlies parts of New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, has slowed this year with natural gas prices at the lowest level in a decade because of high production and reduced demand over the unusually mild winter."
It does not make sense to risk permanent damage to our environment, use up fresh drinking water, create industrialized zones in NY State when the demand is not even as great as the product already available!   So who would we be doing this for -  corporate bottom lines?  shareholder portfolios? foreign countries?   Do we just drill drill drill and then store it?  Well hey!  Why not store gas in Watkins Glen - there's great caverns there.

We can do better than that. The future economic development and health of our state depends on it!  

According to Gov Cuomo's Press Release on June 15, 2012,  NY moved up 11 spots since last year and
we are in the top 10 states for growth, productivity, and livability in a new U.S. Chamber of Commerce study.
It appears we are mending, growing, developing just fine without toxic fracking drilling! 

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