June 11, 2012

NYAF NY Business Support Ban on Fracking

So far over 100 organizations like Rochester R-CAUSE and Frack Free Genesee have joined NewYorkers Against Fracking [NYAF] and the grassroots umbrella coalition needs many more to join on.  The strength of the movement to protect NY State from a disastrous high volume hydraulic drilling industrialization of our land is vital to everyone's health and well being.

NYAF is asking NY State businesses to join in as well. There is a button for individuals, organizations and businesses to join on line.

NYAF is especially focused on getting 1,000 business endorsements by Friday June 15. 

If you are a business owner, please sign up, or ask other businesses to sign up.  For the Endorsement form and Toolkit go to this page: http://nyagainstfracking.org/take-action/resources/  NYAF is asking us all to go to all the businesses we know and ask them to endorse NYAF and the ban against fracking in NY State.  Remember, drilling for gas by fracking in NY State affects EVERYBODY.  Air and water pollution know no boundaries.  When water is gone.......it's gone for everyone.  Our state economy will suffer - not grow as it's being purported.  Small businesses especially will stand to lose much if our state becomes entangled in the desert of contamination which will require excessive tax burdens to cover the costs of toxic waste handling.

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