June 13, 2012

PA Doctor's Gag Rule

Thank you to The Natural Alliance for Health for supporting PA pending legislation HR2415:  the bill to give doctors the freedom of speech to and a patient's right to know about what is making you sick in cases suspicious of fracking chemicals contamination.  The idea that states (Ohio, Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania) can pass laws preventing doctors from talking about health issues with their patients is unconscionable in 2012!    

Understanding the impacts and operations of the gas rush is vital:
  • Exemption from Clean Air Act
  • Exemption from Clean Water Act 
  • Buying and selling of  land leases 
  • Non Disclosure of toxic chemistry 
  • Taking massive quantities of fresh water for corporate industrial use 
  • Creating massive amounts of toxic waste 
  • Trucking toxic waste as industrial waste 
  • Injecting toxic waste into deep injection wells in Earth
  • Massive financial donations to politicians
  • Massive financial backing for legislative lobbying 
  • No liability for road and bridge destruction or repairs
  • Transformation of communities into industrialized zones
  • Impacting citizens' health
  • Adding to the carbon footprint 
  • Noise pollution
  • Air pollution
  • ...Slick media convincing the public that gas is clean energy and good for us ..... not any more!

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