June 14, 2012

State Wide Rallies for Ban on Fracking

Oh yes we did!  The demonstration on West Ridge Rd today in Greece at Senator Robach's office building was well attended and just one of many across the state.   Although I beg to differ with the oil and gas industry spokes person but I wouldn't expect anything different actually:
Cherrie Messore, Independent Oil & Gas Association of NY, said, “The technology is solid. It is standard. It has been proven safe. There has never been one instance of groundwater contamination as the result of hydraulic fracturing.
The continuation of such blatant lies just boggles the grey cells!  To all the dedicated people across the state who continue to fight for all citizens of NY State: thank you!  We are much more "than a group of environmentalists" as sometimes labeled.  Those working to keep hydraulic fracking out of NY State are working for the basic human rights of all it's citizens! Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Land.  That is what the fracking battle is about!  Because hydraulic fracturing was developed and engineered, does that mean it is the last conceivable technology to use?  Will there never be a future drilling process that does not eat up the earth's supply of fresh water and also require huge volumes of toxic waste storage?

Sacrifice Zones?  How dare our governor even think such a plan is viable.  Does that mean you take my water to frack wells in other zones?   Will he dump their toxic waste in my county landfill?  This is one state and the natural gas mining of NY State affects everybody - equally!

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