July 24, 2012

Adirondacks / REALNYS / July 28

Vacation is over and I feel very blessed to have spent 10 days in the back country of the Adirondacks in upstate NY.   How precious our lands are ~ how re-committed I feel to the urgency to stop the fracking threat to our state.

One gent in a store made the comment "I've been a student of fracking and there is a way to do this right."  Oh Really?   As I looked out at the huge body of  fresh water that was already affected by acid rain I couldn't help but feel that he had the obvious answer in front of his nose and couldn't even see it:  Our fresh water supply is in danger!  Add fracking to the mix and and we are truly doomed.  It is that simple and that extreme.

 I've added a new link to the resource side bar:  REALNYS.   This is a grassroots organization of NY State land owners who are opposed to HVHF, fracking, in our state.  If you own land anywhere in NY you should consider adding your name to their registry.  It is a great idea to show the acreage of landowners with a stake in NY who are opposed to the industrialization of our regions.

One last point today:  July 28 is this weekend for the Washington DC rally to Stop the Frack Attack.  If you can't be there in body there are still ways to contribute to the event.
  1. Write another letter to your congressional representative and senator.
  2. Write another letter to President Obama
  3. Write another letter to Gov. Cuomo
  4. Make a financial donation to one of the organizations who are working so hard on our behalf!

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