July 06, 2012

How Many Accidents?

How many accidents in the natural gas drilling industry will it take to ban the insane technology known as fracking?  The most recent toxic spill in Pennsylvania is just south of the NY PA border, below Elmira.

4,700 Gallons Of Acid Spill At Bradford County Drilling Site

 Hydrochloric Acid’s Role In The Fracking Process

These two articles along should be enough to shake anyone's boots!  Spills, blowouts and explosions. water contamination, air pollution, destruction of precious fresh water supplies... all these events are part of the fracking gas drilling industry. For the DEP in PA or the DEC in NY or even the EPA to suggest that these events can be "safely regulated" is absurd and a lie.  There is no safe course of action other than to ban fracking now.  The science is in and speaks loud and clear: high volume hydraulic fracturing is too dangerous and not worth the risk to our health and environment.

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