July 06, 2012

NY'rs Call to Action: New Yorkers Against Fracking

Gov Cuomo intends to make an announcement when the legislature is out of session and "emotions aren't so high".  (See previous article in this blog).   Well this is WRONG and not the way government should operate in our state.  Gov. Cuomo and the full state body of legislation WORK FOR the NY citizens who elected them - not corporate lobbyists.  Any policy that shifts our state as dramatically as fracking for gas will deserves the full voice if the state first.

NYAgainstFracking released this info and call to action:
 ..last week our allies at Environmental Working Group (EWG) gave us an opening by documenting that the DEC has been secretly communicating with the oil and gas industry while writing hydrofracking regulations.   Industry lobbyists have used this information to lobby for changes.   

Rapid Response Team
Governor Cuomo and his staff not only read print and online articles about controversies surrounding fracking, but they also closely read the comments posted by readers.  Too often, those comments are dominated by pro-frackers.  Sign up here to get periodic email requests to post comments on blogs and online articles.  No experience, just passion, necessary!

Bird-Dogging Team
As we ramp up to campaign season, Cuomo will be campaigning all over the state.  Sign up here to be part of a team of “bird-doggers” who will be available with limited notice to attend events, be an anti-fracking presence, hold signs, or ask questions.  We will provide as many event details as we have, talking points and some suggested questions.   Some experience appreciated, but not required.
The New Yorkers Against Fracking staff and regional coordinators,
Cheryl, David, Eric, Corinne, Wes, John, Renee, Isaac and Rita

PS - Thank you so much for your amazing support of our recent call-in days.  As a direct result of all of your outreach, we contacted the Governor more than 3,000 times!  Way to go!  

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