August 08, 2012

Aug 8 Letter to President Obama

 The following is the letter I wrote to President Obama today after reading Obama Backs Fracking During Campaign Appearance   It makes no sense to me what so ever to engage in a highly risky and life threatening operation and then check out the science!   We can live without gas, but we cannot live without fresh water.

This could be the year I vote for a third party candidate knowing full well that the person will not get elected.  Why?  Because I refuse to support someone who completely abandons me!   I support the work President Obama has done in most paths and it truly baffles me how he can act to irresponsibly on the issue of fracking for natural gas.
Pres. Obama you were quoted as follows on July 16 in Cincinnati: "There are a lot of folks right now who are engaging in hydraulic fracturing who are doing it safely," Mr. Obama said. "The problem is that we haven't established clear guidelines of how to do it safely and to inform the public, so that neighbors know what's going on. ... Look, we are going to work with industry to establish best practices. We are going to invest in the basic research and science to make sure this is done safely and in a way that protects the public health."

With this plan of action, you're asking US citizens to deal with damaged water supplies, dwindling fresh water, chemical contamination, road destruction, air pollution, increased cancers and other serious health issues, devalued property values - just to name a few problems while you get the science?  To put a flawed industrial technology into practice and THEN evaluate it is ludicrous! 

I am fighting for my life and my state's economy and resources AGAINST fracking in NY and elsewhere.  People are suffering now and you want us to "wait and see"? 

I voted for you once and am really hoping I can vote for you again.  But, Mr. President, you MUST become honest and realistic about fracking.  Natural gas is not clean if it kills in the process of getting it!  You sound like a walking commercial for the oil/gas industry!  I respectfully urge you to stand up for the American people in this issue and not the gas industry.  Gas is not our answer and neither is fracking. 

Show me that I can vote for you and that you will not poison me to death for the sake of corporate profits.

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