August 03, 2012

Back to the Water

Always in the arguments about fracking and oil/gas industry, the conversation seems to center around the drilling process.  The companies who want more leases and more drilling use words like safe and clean to try to convince the rest of us that natural gas is good for our future.  But especially now, in this summer of extreme droughts across the country - who is talking about the water usage?

There is another amazing collage of video and information from Powering a that everyone should take the time to watch:

Water is the power source of life.  It is that simple and that complicated.  It does not exist separate from the natural cycle of life on this planet, it is the key crucial element.  Take away almost any other basic need and we humans seem to work around it.  Take water out of our ecological equation, and all life will cease.  That is the only future that fracking our country can promise.  Is it your choice? 

Use the links on the side bars to easily contact Gov Cuomo, President Obama and your governmental representatives.  We must not frack NY or anywhere else.  Now is a great time to remind them all that fresh clean water is not a luxury side dish - it is the one main course for human, plant, and animal survival.

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