August 07, 2012

Help Our PA Neighbors

After months and months of working to increase awareness about and stop fracking, one point is especially clear:  it is not a town issue or state issue or even a national issue! Fracking (including everything related to it)  is affecting the entire globe and we cannot ignore it.  For residents of NY State who are diligently working to keep it out of our state, our biggest lessons are coming from the state of Pennsylvania.
The following post showed up on Facebook today from Save Our Streams PA.  If you are near their region and can help with the project to identify and raise awareness about abandoned gas/oil wells please contact them! 
This historic map marks the locations of legacy oil and gas wells. Located in Lawrence County, PA, where an estimated 4000 shale gas leases have been signed. We are looking for volunteers to help raise awareness to the many risks associated with abandoned wells. We are also looking for volunteers to help locate abandoned wells in New Castle, Slippery Rock,Bessemer areas. Volunteers needed! Please call: 814-203-9772 or sign up on our website


  1. Thank you for helping us spread the word!
    Save our streams PA is working toward raising awareness to the environmental, health, safety and economic risks associated with lost orphan and abandoned wells.Please visit the following links to learn more about NEW YORK'S ABANDONED WELLS!

    1. I am happy to share any info at any time that will help people understand we must stop fracking our states. We are all in this together!