August 29, 2012

Peeling Away the Layers: Fuel Efficiency

The controversy about high volume hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking, has had many front faces over the past year.  Little by little we have been able to expose many problems both in the physical world and in the political process of our democracy.  This fight is not just about a drill site and gas: the battle to stop fracking is about power, money and the system of government for our country.

The physical requirements should be horror enough to make any legislator stand up and act to hone in the gas and oil industry operations.  Destruction of land, pollution of public water ways, massive usage of fresh water supplies, storage of toxic wastes, injection wells, earthquakes, road destruction, infrastructure damage, deforestation, pipelines, noise pollution, compressor stations ..... on and on .... these are the factors changing the landscape of America and countries around the world. The technology was developed by the most powerful and richest industry on earth.  HVHF was masterminded to be specifically exempt from laws governing the air and water of our nation.  It was built up piecemeal and quietly by soliciting land owners one by one who had little chance to understand the massive scale of the affects of their leases on their community and state.  You can get rich was the promise so desperate times moved struggling landowners to seemingly  "easy" answers.  Did the land owner at the bottom of our state understand that our environment and health could be at risk hundreds of miles away from their land?

We are being sold that this is good for you and necessary for our country. It is not. And so citizens of New York and all around the country are forced to battle this cause through deaf ear legislatures. Why? The money game is overwhelming  it's grassroots against billionaires.  The attack on our democratic way of life has been quiet, strong and successful.  But the sleeping giant has awoken.

Heed well:  the announcement yesterday of President Obama's action to increase the guidelines for fuel efficiency has the potential to be the hidden elephant in the room.  Yes the guideline is a good action AS LONG AS is it NOT used as an excuse to push for more natural gas drilling by fracking because we need it for fuel efficiency! 
Read between the lines:  if the President supports the development of natural gas he is supporting drilling and the technology is HVHF and even newer Super Fracking.
BEWARE: When you are asked to write a letter to thank President Obama for his action to reduce our dependency on oil by increasing fuel efficiency standards in our cars - MAKE SURE - you also mention in your letter that we must NOT increase our dependency on natural gas and fracking as a way to accomplish this.  Fracking is damaging our earth and all peoples.  It must be banned!

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