August 16, 2012

Reminder from Josh Fox: CALL NOW

Re-posting this email from Josh Fox:
I thought 60,000 public comments would do it. I thought thousands of people at dozens of rallies would do it. I thought The Sky Is Pink would do it.

But apparently Governor Andrew Cuomo hasn't gotten the message yet that New Yorkers don't want fracking in their state. So we need you to tell him.

Rumor is that he'll be deciding soon whether or not to allow gas companies to begin drilling here. Help us make sure it's the right decision. Let him know why New York should be frack-free.

Please call Governor Cuomo: 1-866-584-6799

Call him today. Call him tomorrow. Put the number in your phone, a reminder on your calendar, and call him every day.

There's still time to convince Governor Cuomo to keep our water frack-free if we use our voices and speak our minds. With your help, he will hear, one call at a time, that the citizens of the Empire State don't want gallons of polluted wastewater overflowing our local systems; we don't want hundreds of trucks rumbling down our country roads; and we definitely don't want to threaten our drinking water with toxins.

Call Governor Cuomo at 1-866-584-6799. Let him know.

Thank you for all you do, and happy dialing.

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