August 23, 2012

State Fair No Fracking Demonstration

What an afternoon - marching behind Gov Cuomo today at the State Fairgrounds to show him..... yet again.... that citizens do not want high volume horizontal fracking to come to NY.   The turnout was great and we often got thumbs up from other fair attendees.  People came from all around the state to give their message  for our state:

 I Love NY.... Don't Frack NY
Gov Cuomo Be Our Hero - Ban Fracking
As we were walked into Dairy Farming Building , it struck me how appropriate the fairgrounds was for this demonstration.  Farmers get it.   Those who believe they want to see fracking on their land must have some magic source for food, water, farms, livestock etc.  The contamination that is already happening in PA gives us dire warning of what is to come if we enter into the industry.   One gent yelled to me "I have land and I'm ready to get rich".   My thought was, really? - I have land and I want my grandchildren to live!
So lets hope next year's State Fair will not be set up with a Gas Drilling Building.  I rather like seeing what we can grow and produce in NY rather than what can destroy us.

Onward to Albany Aug 27.  If you can join in - come!

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