August 14, 2012

The Fracked Fig Leaf

Once again the lies behind the fracking process and the industry are coming to light. reported a very important article regarding the whitewash of company disclosure on FracFocus  :
Fracking Hazards Obscured in Failure to Disclose Wells By Benjamin Haas, Jim Polson, Phil Kuntz and Ben Elgin - Aug 14, 2012.
The authors have exposed the kind of hype that is being touted to the American people all across the country: we are a safe and reliable us! The industry is not being truthful and the evidence is looming everywhere.  To imply that natural gas is the "clean energy" we all are hoping for is false.   I'd like to suggest for a brief moment that you connect the dots and take into account all the kinds of events that have been reported as possible and/or real dangers from fracking operations:
  • water contamination from direct spills
  • unmonitored road spreading of toxic waste solutions
  • increased truck traffic through small town regions
  • increased road destruction
  • water pollution of rivers and streams and lakes
  • acceptance of toxic waste water in municipal treatment facilities
  • aquifer contamination
  • air pollution (diesel fumes, methane burns, chemical evaporation)
  • noise pollution (drilling, flaring, trucks)
  • destruction of natural environment from well pad construction
  • destruction of natural environment from pipeline construction
  • non disclosure of all toxic substances 
  • devalued lands (mortgage issues)
  • methane migration
  • earthquakes
  • sink holes
  • fresh water depletion ... droughts
  • human health issues - rashes, respiratory, cancer clusters, intestinal etc
  • animal health issues
These are just some of the topics, so how on earth can you call this "clean"?  How long does this list of potential and real dangers have to be before we stand up and demand to our town, state and federal governments:  No Fracking!  

If you have not done so recently, please use the links on the side bar to contact your representatives.  
Write or call ... just do it!  

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