August 28, 2012

Will Fracking Affect You? You Bet!

Every once in a while and extraordinary piece of writing comes forth to sum up all the actions, arguments, warnings and descriptions of what this "fracking" controversy is all about.  Today I'd like to share such an article with you.

Will Fracking Impact My Family?  by Laura Grace Weldon 7.30.2012 and hosted on  Laura lives with her family on Bit of Earth Farm in Litchfield, Ohio. 

The article covers the story of the development of a drill site for HVHF on  dairy farm acreage in Ohio.  The topic of fracking is expansive and Laura has done an excellent job of pulling all the pieces together into one readable article.

If you are new to the topic it is a must read.  If you are a seasoned researcher and frackactivist - it is a must read!

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