September 16, 2012

Just How Close?

I can't help but wonder just how close to the NY State border is too close for safety and comfort when it comes to HVHF drilling operations aka fracking.  For the past month I have been reviewing Alerts provided through the SkyTruth mapping system.  The maps are disturbing because they paint an ominous picture for the southern border towns in NY State.  Take a look at this map (click on map to enlarge):

There are a couple of items to note -
  •  the increasing number of YELLOW triangles in a short period.  These represent violations that have occurred. By using the full site (link on the side bar) you can read very specific details.
  • the closeness to the NY border and the concentration areas
  • the increasing number of permits issued
  • the increasing number of well drilling started
  • the new addition of red X's for fracking.
So again, I wonder - how close is too close?  Be sure to join the grassroots movements this week for Global Frackdown.  Again - Write to Gov Cuomo, state representatives, federal representatives & senators and President Obama.  Ask them how close they would live to a region being fracked and raise their families.

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