September 12, 2012

No Time for Complacency

During the past weekend I made a trip south to Washington DC straight through Pennsylvania on Rt 15.  The hills were gorgeous against the amazing blue skies!  As I drove I kept looking ... am I going to see a well pad region? a drill tower? a pipeline path?   None of these drilling related areas were visible from our particular route through the mountains.   I sensed a feeling for a brief moment ... "gee, maybe this gas drilling thing isn't quite so bad".   Then  REALITY check:  I passed two different signs along the Susquehanna River - "Water Withdrawal 2 Miles".  My stomach went queezy.    This is no time for complacency.  We have a limited time available on our Earth to stop this technological travesty called fracking.

Having been at the Hay House conference  "I Can Do It" in Washington DC, the presentations of Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza all shared a profound message:  the oneness of our connection is not simply a statement of spiritual philosophy, it is based in science.*  That message rings loud bells about the urgency of the energy policy we currently follow regarding fossil fuel use.   "All of the above," as President Obama likes to say,  is not a sustainable path.  Gas is not a bridge alternative to the future and it is not clean.  Any company that creates more natural gas dependency in the American economy is only serving it's corporate profit margin.  Any technology that poisons some for the benefit of others is not beneficial for the whole of the country.  Natural gas fracking is merely a parallel step in the same direction to global destruction of the Earth's environment and  living beings.     We must do better.

I am pleased to read that Governor Cuomo is "not in a rush" and is willing to let the full process take its course before we make any decisions about NY State's involvement with shale gas drilling by fracking.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday that there are no immediate plans for a decision on whether to allow hydraulic fracturing in New York and that he expects lawsuits to follow the decision either way.
Read the full article by Jessica Bakeman, Cuomo No Pressure for Immediate Fracking Decision  on Politics on the Hudson, Sept 10.

We must continue to support our regional state neighbors in their struggles against fracking and remain vigilant with our voices to keep NY free of this unnecessary, devastating technology.  There are other  answers to energy needs and production. Citizens must not become complacent in their efforts to demand a healthy, sustainable growth in green, renewable energy sources.

* Gregg Braden, Deep Truth, Hay House Inc.
* Dr. Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman, Spontaneous Evolution, Hay House Inc.
* Dr. Joe Dispenza, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Hay House Inc.

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