September 01, 2012

September Global Frackdown Information

The following letter is posted in full from Food and Water Watch concerning the upcoming Global Frackdown event taking place the weekend of Sept 20 - 22.  Please follow their links and participate where ever you can.
All around the world, people are getting together and expressing their opposition to fracking. And the East Coast is firmly entrenched in the fight. The oil and gas industry may have seemingly endless resources but one thing we have that they don't is community outrage. And that's why we're fighting back with the Global Frackdown!

During the Global Frackdown, thousands of people around the world will be joining together at local events to call for a ban on fracking. By connecting our efforts internationally, we can create a single powerful message that is stronger than the fracking industry's propaganda. We will say in one voice that we do not accept industry lies, and we expect our elected officials to stand up to big oil and gas companies and protect our communities from fracking. Join us in Philadelphia September 20th for Shale Gas Outrage 2012 — a massive demonstration drawing families directly affected by fracking, organizations and activists anxious to share stories and rally against fracking.

As a global movement, we have achieved a tremendous amount. We've passed hundreds of resolutions against fracking, prevented plans to frack communities across the United States, Europe and Africa, and ramped up campaigns against pipelines and export facilities. Still, our communities are under attack, and as our movement grows more powerful, big oil and gas companies are ramping up their efforts to mislead the public, pressure our elected leaders and expand fracking. Internationally, we will use the Global Frackdown as our chance to fight back and call for a ban on fracking!

We know that we will ultimately win against fracking through our work on the local level, which is why we're organizing events in hundreds of communities around the world and why we're joining Protecting Our Waters to combine efforts for a massive demonstration on September 20. We know that thousands of people, speaking out at the same time, sends a powerful message. Join us at Shale Gas Outrage — the Global Frackdown event near you — to help speak out in your community and be heard around the world.

Follow this link to see transportation options and join the Global Frackdown and Shale Gas Outrage:
Thanks for taking action,

Meredith Begin
Online Organizer
Food & Water Watch

In western NY Rita Yelder, WNY Water Defence and F&WW, is organizing an event in Niagara Falls on Sept 22.   (Find links on side bar)

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