September 14, 2012

The Back Side of Drilling

One of the common arguments we hear from those in favor of land leases and HVH natural gas drilling is the "right" to use their land to produce income however they can (within the law, of course).   It is looked at as no different that raising crop or livestock on the farm.  My forever reply to such thinking is this:  "Will your land also store all the toxic waste that is produced from YOUR well?"

Matt Kelso published a review on Frac Tracker on Sept 7 titled Pennsylvania Unconventional Waste Data.   This report is an eye opener into the huge volumes of waste we are looking at treating and storing.  The report period is from Jan to June 2012 and these are the early months of unconventional drilling (HVH fracking) in PA.  Does over 12 Million barrels of waste catch your attention?  It should.  By watching the daily maps on SkyTruth Maps you can follow the increasing number of wells being permitted and then put into production mode. 

12 Million is only a start... I cannot think of a better reason on earth to stop this insane poisonous drilling technique.

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