September 26, 2012

Water Water ... Going Going

In a previous post, I talked about the water issue in regards to fracking (see archives).  It has baffled me that any region that seems to want full blown HVHF / fracking never addresses this topic fully.  Pulling one of the Earth's primal survival resources for an industrial use on such a massive scale is not technologically sound!  The knowledge that fracked water becomes contaminated with toxic chemical elements as well as Earth's natually occuring radioactive elements should make everyone wake up.  Add to that the understanding of the massive volumes of water used for this technology and you have a recipe for planetary destruction!

Extreme thinking?  You bet. 

This week SkyTruth and Eco Watch (see side links) have published a report on water usage for fracking.  It is a must read - and I hope you will share this report with as many readers as possible.

If the Niagara Falls comparison doesn't make it clear enough, be sure to read
Part II Underwater Park - A Visualization of 20 Months of Frack Water in NYC

And just one more chart as food for thought: US Drought Monitor map as of Sept 18, 2012.  

We do not have water to waste!

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