October 26, 2012

Abandoned Gas Wells a Threat

Thanks to the never ending work of Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting, we are once again made aware of the huge volume of risks that are inherent to the health of NY citizens should HVHF fracking be brought to this state.  Mr Hang has just released data and an interactive map exploring the threat of the large number of abandoned and unplugged gas wells in NY state.  Steuben County has had 619 such wells documented!

Imagine  a round cheese grater.  As you stuff and stuff the center of the cylinder, eventually the pressure will push out through the open holes.  It is quite that simple, and extremely dangerous when you apply this awareness to fracking in a region heavily inundated with open, unplugged well holes.

Read the full PDF article by Mr Hang as it was posted in the Ithaca Journal.

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