October 18, 2012

Call Cuomo Today!

This just released from FrackAction today, Oct 18.  I just called the Governor.  I hope you will too.  I am outraged.   Yes sir, I am an activist BECAUSE I love and live in New York!  I have marched 3 times in Albany and also at the State Fairgrounds.  I won't stop and neither will the thousands of NY citizens who are fighting to keep this state free from the devastation of horizontal toxic fracturing.


In the past four years, an unparalleled grassroots movement to ban fracking has emerged in New York. It has been driven by regular citizens who have taken a stand on the issue because we're concerned about our health, our communities, and our local economies. That's why more than 200 grassroots community groups standing up against fracking have formed in NY.

In spite of that, Governor Cuomo said today on the Fred Dicker's radio show (1300 am) that "The pro-hydrofrackers tend to live in the community ... The anti-hydrofrackers tend to be more activists."

Call Governor Cuomo - 866-584-6799 - to tell him that's flat out wrong.
The governor's statement is offensive. It's offensive to dismiss the hundreds of thousands of NY residents who are concerned about our water, health, and property values. It's offensive to write us off and instead refer to the pro-fracking groups - who are funded by out-of-state oil and gas companies - as those "living in the community."
We "activists" Governor Cuomo dismisses tend to be the life-long residents, business owners, nurses, sportsmen, teachers, students, etc. In fact, most of us have never been activists before, but are speaking out in this case because we live in our communities, because we are deeply committed to our communities, and because we know the threat that fracking poses to our communities.
On the other side, the pro-fracking groups are well-funded by out-of-state oil and gas companies who want to come into our communities, exploit our resources, then pack up and leave us with the ensuing disaster.
Call Governor Cuomo - 866-584-6799 - to tell him he's out of touch with reality and his constituents. He's the governor of the people of New York - not out-of-state oil and gas companies - and he should stand up for New Yorkers by banning fracking.
Julia, Renee, John & Betta
Frack Action

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