October 24, 2012

How Clean is NY Water ~ NOW?

After driving and walking around the gorge at Letchworth State Park this past week, I was overwhelmed by one continuous thought: is that river chemical free?   You see the Genesee does not magically start at a magical safe place within the Frack Free borders of New York State.  The river is fed in a continuous flow that comes from waters of PA.

Pennsylvania if heavily engaged in gas drilling of the shales and high volume hydraulic fracturing.

We are insane to hold to a belief system that as long as NY State does not engage in hydraulic fracturing we citizens will be safe.  Gov. Cuomo is correct to maintain the moratorium on fracking until all the studies are in.  However, the only solution for all living beings on this planet is to BAN the technology of HVHF NOW!  Not only in our state but in our country and around the globe. 

Bill Huston's video on YouTube does an excellent job of bringing to the forefront a process of critical thinking we all must do.  There are 3 sections and I encourage you to send the time to watch all three.   Is his comment unique to Binghamton water supply? No.  Study the aquifer maps of NYS and you will quickly find that all NY citizens face this toxic nightmare.  The time to be concerned about water quality is not after a community becomes endangered and toxic.  We must ask tough questions and demand testing now.

Ask those who are running for office in your region:  Is my water safe now?

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