October 10, 2012

Onward more

Last night R-Cause delivered a petition to Monroe County Legislature to ban fracking and it's ancillary operations in Monroe County.   Over months of endless work, Anna Sears and Nedra Harvey along with the help of many other volunteers managed to collect over 4000 signatures of Monroe County residents who do not want to see our county become an industrialized drilling nightmare.  The open forum was well attended by supporters of a ban and many relevant statements were given.  (You can still sign on to the petition, too!)

So, I should all be excited, right?  I cannot express how strange I felt walking out of that county legislative meeting last night.  Pardon the expression, but it felt like "the good ol club" just put up with these inconvenient speeches!  Watching gents walk in and out, looking down at their desks, sighs - wow what great representation we have in the legislature seats. 

As I drove home I thought:
--I've spoken out and demonstrated repeatedly
--everywhere I turn, there are still people who don't know anything about "this fracking thing..."
--my local town supervisor keeps insisting the DEC will protect us - not to worry....
--my state assemblyman, who has shown interest and support, has been re-districted so who knows what to expect come January
--my state senator is retiring and won't even address the topic when I ask
--my Governor seems to be cautious - but probably just to cover his butt - for when legal challenges arise
--the man in charge of DEC, who once fought for the environment, is serving the governor's interest
--my President is speaking the oil/gas industry lies like he really believes them!   Ditto to his opponent.

So - this morning I awoke feeling just a tad bit discouraged to say the least!  This day took a great deal of personal re-affirmation to kick it and move on. 

Then I discovered another amazing blog to add to this resource page titled:  Arlington TX Barnett Shale Blogger.  After reviewing just 3 or 4 articles, the cobwebs from the morning shook clean:  this fight is too important to lose.  HVHF is a deadly technology and that is the only true bottom line.  We must find a better alternative to our future energy needs.   If NY State becomes "just another drilling field" along with other regions that have become entangled, we will all be at risk.

Please take some time to fully educated yourself to the volume of issues that surround the basic act of drilling for natural gas by fracking.  The arguments are not just located on the drill pad site.  The side bar links provide many perspectives and depth upon depth of research.  We must prevail to move this country away from the clutches of the oil/gas empire and move to create an energy safe, sustainable future for ourselves and the generations to come.

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