October 13, 2012

Photographic Journalism Speaks Volumes

We write and we write.  We talk and we talk.  Still there are too many people who either don't know about fracking or don't have a clue as to why some are so opposed to this drilling operation.  The best cliche remains:  a picture is worth a thousand words.

Many thanks to the photographers of the  Marcellus Shale Documentary Project in PA and to The NY Times Lens for publishing:  Collectively Photographing Fracking By JESSE NEWMAN   Oct 11, 2012
"The most basic thing that photography does is visually describe what can be seen."
Are people making money off the gas drilling industry?  You bet.  Are there jobs?  You bet.  But here is my constant question:  How many people, how much land or how much water do we to harm before we say enough?  10? 100? 1000? 1?   We cannot continue a national (or global) energy policy that allows the destruction of some to benefit others.  

No matter how successful the gas industry claims that drilling is, you cannot deny that there are people, land, water, air, and animals who are suffering because of fracking.   Pictures easily tell the story.  We must stop the damage in the drilling fields before it is too late.

...and I hope that we are not already too late. 

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