November 13, 2012

Nov 14 Prayer Vigil, Cobbs Hill Rochester NY

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 

Part of the Statewide Interfaith Call to Ban Fracking: 

DATE: Wednesday, November 14, 2012
TIME:  6PM to 6:30PM
LOCATION: Cobbs Hill Park, corner of Norris Drive & Culver Rd., off 490 at the Culver Rd. Exit. Gather beside Lake Riley, across from the Culver Rd. Armory.

.... Post Script:  A well attended vigil!  While I could not attend due to illness, I'm delighted that my chosen reading was shared in the event.  Here is the Daily Word Affirmation from, written for May 14, 1971 and perfect for today: 
     Through my reliance on the intelligence of God within me, I contribute in some way, every day, to the betterment of this Earth.

     It is good that more and more people are becoming concerned about their environment and their responsibility in preserving it. Each one of us can, in his or her own way and own place, contribute something in some way to the betterment of this Earth. Let us never forget that the most important contribution we can make to life and to others is our faith – our belief in the goodness of God, our faith in His Spirit in man.

     Let us never give way to feelings of despair or discouragement. Let us not fall into fearful patterns of thought. Let us remember that God works in us and through us and that with God’s help this can be a better world in which to live for all people.

     Man shapes and forms and builds his world, and we are part of those who build. We need have no fear of the future as we place our trust in God and allow His good Spirit to find expression through us.


“All that has been destroyed, neglected, or lost through lack of understanding or foolishness or false pride or ambition can and will be brought forth as present good just as rapidly as you grow in consciousness; for God is ever giving just what we expect.” Myrtle Fillmore – Healing Letters 

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