November 15, 2012

November 15 Actions to Take

1.  Today is a Call In Day to Gov Cuomo - again - to stress that he must protect the health of New York citizens above the need of corporate profits!  This Call In notice was just released by New Yorkers Against Fracking:

Hello Friends:
Tomorrow, Thursday November 15th, is a huge, movement wide call-in day to Governor Cuomo to tell him to ban fracking. With your help, we expect that thousands of New Yorkers will call the governor today! 
Please join us in calling Governor Cuomo - 866-584-6799 - to tell him that fracking cannot be done without jeopardizing our health and it must be banned.
Ask your friends, families, and fellow community members and ask them to make calls as well!

On September 20, 2012, Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens said that, "Obviously if there was a public health concern that could not be addressed we would not proceed."
Last month a group of scientists and medical professionals met with DEC and the Department of Health officials. After their meeting, the scientists and medical professionals released a summary of the concerns they addressed in their meeting, which included 20 human health risks they do not believe any regulations can address. Their summary is one of many reports from scientists and medical experts about how fracking threatens our health. 
Whether it's radiation poisoning, hazardous air pollution, or water contamination, fracking poses health impacts that cannot be addressed.

And since these problems cannot be addressed, the only thing that we can do is Ban the practice of fracking entirely.  The citizens of New York State are not guinea pigs in a gas industry experiment.

2.   Attend or watch live stream today, 11/15,  at 4:30p.m.  the Public Debate on Fracking being held at Cornell University in Ithaca NY.

Details about the event and location:

Live Stream Link

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