December 12, 2012

Comment Period to NY DEC thru Jan 11

This message is so important:  If you believe there are dangers to fracking in NYS and you agree that the governor, DEC and DOH are not acting responsibly on your behalf - you need to speak up now!  Become part of:  30 Days of Fracking

The following email was published from FrackAction.  I'm posting the contents in full with all the proper links:
Your action right now is critical in the campaign to ban fracking. The New York State Department of Conservation has issued proposed fracking regulations. This was a premature and irresponsible move;  the department’s own (limited) public health review is not even finished yet. Now, as a result, we’ve been given 30 days to demonstrate - through public comments - two critical facts. First, that the wide range of impacts and hazards introduced by fracking cannot be regulated away. And second, that public opposition to fracking in New York State is broad and deep.
That's where you come in. We need to overwhelm the DEC with comments that say fracking must be banned.
We have a SIMPLE guide and EASY online submission system for you to write comments.
Here's what to do:
#1: Click here to follow the simple guide to submit a comment today! Submit your comments online easily or mail them to us and we'll deliver them for you.
#2: Be a super-commenter! Given that there are many, many dangers and fatal issues to expose, Dr. Sandra Steingraber is leading a "Thirty Comments in Thirty Days" initiative. It works like an Advent calendar:  each day during the thirty-day comment period, subscribers will receive information from Sandra about a different critical issue to comment on. Click here to join her initiative!
Right now: Click here to write a comment! If you only have a few minutes, submit a short one now. You can (and should!) submit more in the days to come.
Thank you for taking this critical action.
John, Julia, Renee & Betta
Frack Action

Also - information received thru Sierra Club:
You can submit comments on the web at the New York State High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Comments page of DEC's website.

You can also mail your comments to:
Attn: Draft HVHF Regulations Comments
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233-6510

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